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Appeals Court Ruling Shines Light on CGL Insurance’s Applicability for Data Breaches

The Fourth Circuit just affirmed a Virginia district court ruling that Travelers Indemnity Company of America had a duty to defend a class action brought against Portal Healthcare Solutions, LLC under a cyber liability insurance policy providing coverage for the electronic publication of certain materials. The breach allegation of the class action claim in Travelers Indem. Co. of America v. Portal Healthcare Solutions, LLC was that due to a security failure, the wrong security setting was selected on a web access portal allowing normal search engines to scoop up not only the login page as a search result, but also the underlying sub-pages containing medical records. Members of Portal Healthcare used the web access portal to not only log into their account, but also click to review their medical records. More >

Employers Taking Proactive Approach with Paid Leave Policy Changes

A wave of more generous policies regarding paid sick and parental leave is sweeping the nation as individual cities and states tackle the issue while it remains stalled at the federal level. Led by advocates such as A Better Balance, policy changes are especially catching on, or being improved upon, within traditionally progressive states such as California, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. More >

Safety Rules for Small Drones Prepare for Lift-off

As businesses anxiously await final rules from the FAA governing commercial drone use, the Micro Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) released an important report on April 6, 2016, that laid out specific safety recommendations related to the FAA’s proposed rules for small drones under 55 pounds. More >

NJL Attorneys Listed in 2016 Women Super Lawyers

Shareholders Amanda Cialkowski, Sandra Jezierski, and Tracy Van Steenburgh have been listed among the 2016 Women Super Lawyers list. Shareholder Katie Connolly, and associates Jen Cornell and Sarah Riskin have been listed among the 2016 Women Rising Stars list. More >