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Posted October 21st, 2013 in Legal Insights

Deposed and Distressed: Navigating the Psychological and Interpersonal Issues Arising When Inside Counsel Receive Depositions

Inside counsel are more frequently finding themselves as the deponent in litigation based upon their involvement in pre-suit matters — a dreaded situation that feels foreign to them. Moreover, the role is fraught not only for inside counsel given all that is at stake, but also for the outside attorney, who is required to defend the lawsuit while also managing the client relationship. Nilan Johnson Lewis shareholder attorney Brad Betlach can share input on the psychological impact on inside counsel when they become the deponent, as well as the interpersonal issues that arise between inside and outside counsel in this potentially volatile situation. Transcending the usual “how tos” and case law examples of avoiding depositions or handling attorney-client privilege ethical issues arising by virtue of a deposition, Betlach can dissect, in a unique manner, the emotional aspects of the deposition and how to overcome the barriers that stand as a roadblock to a positive experience for all involved. Contact Mr. Betlach at (612) 305-7523 or

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