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Litigation Avoidance for Employers

Give your employment practices a COVID-19 checkup

In these unprecedented times, employers have done their best to comply with old and new laws, while doing what is needed to safeguard their business. They have reduced or furloughed portions of their workforce and made the remainder remote. And they have applied regulations to situations they never thought they’d face. Now, employers are looking ahead to a return to normalcy and beginning to plan for when workers will again be fully employed onsite.

But tough economic times inevitably spawn litigation. In the coming months, employers will face lawsuits attacking the decisions they’ve made today. Now is the time to assess those decisions, weigh potential litigation risks, and proactively address compliance issues to minimize those risks.

Nilan Johnson Lewis’ national employment law practice can help. Click here for a COVID-19 employment litigation prevention checklist to help you identify your policies and practices that may need attention.

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