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Posted December 2nd, 2013 in Top Stories with Tags , , , , , ,

Nilan Johnson Lewis Launches Total Partnership Initiative

We take seriously our firm’s brand promise of “excellence in every interaction.” To advance that promise, we developed a “Total Partnership” program for our clients.  This program is designed to ensure that NJL provides exceptional results for their business.  These results are achieved through a four-pronged approach that we developed after a comprehensive survey of our clients, which, therefore, is based on client-attorney feedback. Click here to see our short video describing the program.

Total Partnership was also inspired by the video “Law is Broken” which cogently describes the factors leading up to the implosion of the legal industry during the Great Recession.  The video suggests that the future of the legal industry is “standing at the precipice of change,” and that “something new will be entering the business of law.”  Yet, no predictions are offered as to what that might be.

Total Partnership (as illustrated in our video above) is our answer.  It is based on four pillars:

  • Knowledge of clients’ business – understanding their specific industries, providing practical solutions, and focusing on their business and legal goals.
  • Predictable fee structures – offering transparent budgets, customized arrangements, and efficient project management.
  • Accountability – providing proactive status updates, applying strategic performance measurements, and using client feedback mechanisms.
  • Value – applying cost-sensitive staffing models, offering preventative business advice, and providing education and training programs.

We designed Total Partnership to assure that our clients get what they need most from outside counsel: exceptional results for their business.

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