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Krista enjoys working with a variety of legal issues, and the challenges posed by each case. Colleagues laud Krista’s creativity and organizational skills that she employs when defending clients. Her ability to listen and distill what people are (or aren’t) saying is an effective tool when it comes to litigation. Staying composed, even under pressure, has also served Krista well when it’s most needed: in the courtroom.

When outside the office, Krista is traveling, working out, or whipping up nutritious eats in the kitchen.

Key Practice Experience

  • Hot-seat experience in over half a dozen civil business litigation trials, including state and federal court, jury, and bench trials.
  • Other on-site trial support, including communication with court staff, assistance with voir dire and witnesses, and preparation of war room needs.
  • Trial preparation support, including managing trial exhibits, preparing trial presentation software, assembling trial notebooks, creating demonstratives, and communicating with experts and fact witnesses.
  • Perform various duties relating to discovery, including preparation for depositions, coordination of document productions, document review, and organization.
  • Assist with preservation, harvesting, processing, culling, reviewing, and producing e-discovery.
  • Create, maintain, and support document review and transcript databases.
  • Draft legal documents including correspondence, pleadings, interrogatories, affidavits, and subpoenas, and assist legal team in the organization of briefs, exhibits, and appendices.
  • Conduct factual and legal research

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