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Industry Focus: Tech Startups

At Nilan Johnson Lewis, we understand the passion and hard work it takes to launch a tech startup. We know that you need to move at a lightning pace to bring your idea to market, maximize opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage. We also appreciate that your early success can outpace your ability to implement needed infrastructure and processes.

In the employment context, growing your employee base quickly to meet new demands can be key to the success of your business. However, growing your workforce without proper infrastructure and compliance can expose your company to ruinous liability. Our team has partnered with many tech startups to quickly help them organize the needed structure for their employment demands. Early implementation of proper hiring and compensation processes is not a roadblock to your business, but rather a preventative measure to ensure sustainability. We have also helped companies who have realized down the road that they need to address compliance issues around their employees and minimize their liability.

Below is a list of the services we routinely provide our tech clients across the nation:

  • Pay equity audits and defense
  • Wage-and-hour misclassification audits
  • Wage-and-hour litigation defense
  • Hiring and recruiting audits
  • Representation during Department of Labor or other agency audits
  • Pre-hiring testing and background check advice/defense
  • Trade secret, non-compete, and anti-poaching advice/litigation
  • Reductions in force
  • Policy and handbook drafting
  • Harassment and discrimination training
  • Class litigation defense

Deep California Knowledge

Complying with California’s complex web of employment regulations can be onerous and difficult. Whether this means navigating the treacherous waters of potential PAGA claims or shielding your business from the state’s particularly steep penalties, California tech startups need sophisticated counsel with deep expertise in local law and practice. Our attorneys have developed this specialized knowledge through years of practicing in California as well as representing some of the leading tech companies in the state. Critically, as a boutique firm with a California presence but roots in the Midwest, our attorneys can deliver top notch California advice at cost-effective rates.

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