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Posted February 8th, 2017 in Events

Webinar: Website Accessibility Compliance

Does Your Company’s Website Need a Wheelchair Ramp?: The What, Why, and How of Website Accessibility

More and more business owners have found themselves on the receiving end of demand letters and lawsuits alleging that their websites are not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA—which forbids businesses that offer goods and services to the public (retail stores, restaurants, etc.) from discriminating against patrons on the basis of disability—was originally enacted to apply to brick-and-mortar establishments; but as consumers turn to purchase online, the law is being interpreted to apply to websites.

In this complimentary webinar, Matthias Niska, labor and employment attorney at Nilan Johnson Lewis, and Michele Landis, Vice President of Business Development at Accessible360, will explore the legal and practical implications of website accessibility. Niska and Landis will discuss what “website accessibility” means, outline the legal issues involved, and provide practical short- and long-term advice that businesses can follow to ensure that they minimize their legal risk. Audience members will come away not only with a deeper understanding of the issue but with the confidence that they can and should proactively address accessibility on their business’s timeline, rather than one dictated by a government agency, a litigant, or a court. The question is not “whether” your business needs to make its site accessible, but “when.”


In-house and outside employment counsel, HR professionals, compliance officers, and IT and web development professionals interested in minimizing their risk of litigation and expanding their customer or client base by ensuring that their business’s website is accessible to persons with disabilities.

Click here to view the webinar recording


Matthias Niska is a labor and employment attorney at the Minneapolis law firm of Nilan Johnson Lewis who advises and litigates on behalf of employers of all sizes, with a focus on advising employers on disability policies. Legally blind since birth, he has a unique perspective and deep understanding of disability employment matters.

Michele Landis is Co-Founder of Accessible360 (A360).  She leads business development and strategic partnerships at this MN accessibility consulting firm that helps businesses make their websites accessible.  A360 does this by way of live-user audits, support, and monitoring to ensure digital properties stay accessible after the necessary fixes have been applied.  Through like-minded strategic partnerships and associations, she consults on creative website strategies for her clients, and strengthens community relationships to further A360’s mission of making digital content accessible to all.

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