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Posted March 6th, 2012 in Top Stories

A Streak to Remember: Mid-Sized Law Firm Scores Trial Trifecta Within 10 Days

Nilan Johnson Lewis lawyers cite their commitment to efficient delivery of legal services as the key to their success

Minneapolis [March 6, 2012] – When Minneapolis law firm Nilan Johnson Lewis (NJL) opened its doors in 1996 as the largest start-up firm in Minnesota, it rejected the traditional law firm “pyramid” structure – where an elite rules from the top and legions of associates toil at the bottom – as outdated. Instead, the firm sought to emphasize expertise coupled with developing technology to create a “diamond-shaped” organization in which the widest band consists of seasoned professionals providing maximum value to clients by virtue of their collective experience and relevance. This allows the 46-attorney firm to meet increasing client demands for efficiency and value without compromising its long track record of winning cases in the courtroom.

The excellence both in terms of service and results that flows from this philosophy was recently exemplified when Nilan Johnson Lewis earned three trial victories in Minnesota in 10 days. NJL’s first win came in state court on Jan. 20, when a jury found in favor of NJL’s client, a major car manufacturer, on a claim of failure to warn in a key asbestos case. The following week, on Jan. 26, a federal jury returned a verdict in favor of NJL’s client Johnson & Johnson in a pharmaceutical product liability case involving a claim of failure to warn on a prescription product. Finally, on Jan. 30, a jury in state court found no fault by NJL’s client, Performance, Inc., in connection with a product liability claim involving an alleged failure to warn regarding the appropriate use of a bike pedal.

Trial Lawyers Who Actually Try Cases, and Win
NJL’s recent trial successes are not unusual, as the firm has tried and won significant cases for companies such as Lockheed Martin, Unisys, Siemens Westinghouse, and the National Football League. Among other victories, NJL received national recognition after obtaining a landmark victory against the State of Rhode Island for a lead pigment industry client, Millennium Chemicals. In that case, the Rhode Island Supreme Court reversed a statewide public nuisance jury verdict and rejected a multibillion-dollar abatement remedy. And three of NJL’s victories in 2011 were cited by a top blog as being among the top 20 most significant drug and medical device decisions nationwide.

The Keys to Success
Although trying cases and achieving victories are consistent with the firm’s track record, trying three cases in one month was more unusual. Yet the firm did not miss a beat in preparation and presentation of all three trials. When summing up how NJL achieved three trial victories in the month of January, the firm’s trial lawyers cited excellence, which includes the expertise, experience and professionalism of every member of the firm. This means teamwork, both in terms of the trial teams and the “back room” firm assistance; technology, which includes pre-trial organization, and developing a clear, concise, and interesting trial presentation; staffing, which means partnering with clients to understand their business and using the appropriate personnel to provide the necessary services most efficiently.

About Nilan Johnson Lewis
Founded in 1996, Nilan Johnson Lewis has built its reputation by putting clients first, building a practice centered on excellence and defining the next generation of law firm. The firm’s practice focuses on five areas: product liability/mass tort litigation, commercial litigation, labor and employment, health care, and business law.

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