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Core Values

To the core

The people of Nilan Johnson Lewis have embraced the following Core Values as the fundamental shared motivations of the institution we have created.


We value honesty and communication, and have the confidence in each other’s motivations to candidly yet respectfully resolve our differences.


We seek constant improvement in the quality of our work and our service to clients, and are committed to investing in even closer partnerships with our clients and greater sophistication in our delivery of top legal services.


We recognize that all talented people can lend value to our organization, and are committed to affording opportunities not only for women and minorities but for those with different backgrounds or lifestyles to share their talents productively.


We are dedicated to anticipating our clients’ changing needs and we are willing to take the risks necessary to meet and surpass those needs.


We seek to earn a fair profit as a return on the investment of our skills, experience, time, and resources, and to share our financial success with all those who make it possible.


Treating each other with respect, and providing an environment where people share a sense of excitement and enjoyment and can flourish in both their personal and professional lives.

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