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Food Industry Litigation

We represent major food industry companies in the defense of personal injury, economic loss, transportation issues, and consumer fraud cases arising out of the production, processing and distribution of food products. Cases we are currently handling, or have handled in the past, in this area include:

  • Successful resolution of claims brought against food manufacturing client, who had been the subject of investigation by state and federal agencies linked to an outbreak of indeterminate origins, alleging the plaintiff became seriously ill from E. coli purportedly linked to client’s product and ineffective cooking instructions;
  • Successfully defended a spinach distributor on claims of foreign objects in the processed spinach through evidence of food processing impossibility;
  • Representation of our client in negotiations regarding losses due to food contamination during transportation and the related coverage dispute;
  • Representation of numerous food industry clients in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases resulting from accidents involving tractor trailers;
  • Representation of our client, a wild game sausage supplier, in breach of contract and breach of warranty claims based on failure to prepare a food product per regulation and in the related coverage dispute;
  • Summary judgment obtained for our client, an industrial food processing cleaning company, on claims of invasion of privacy related to handling of employee confidential information;
  • Successful resolution of claims brought against major food manufacturing client alleging that the manufacturer wrongfully terminated a distributorship agreement involving several of the manufacturer’s products;
  • Favorable settlement reached for our client, a food manufacturer on personal injury claims related to product distribution; and
  • Represent restaurant industry clients in employment, commercial, and personal injury litigation matters.

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