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Autonomous and Connected (IoT) Products

Our product expertise goes beyond traditional vehicles and recreational products—from personal transportation devices like electric scooters and eBikes to autonomous vehicles, connected products, and their component manufacturers, we have our finger on the pulse of emerging trends in the products space.

Our team has deep product liability expertise representing OEMs, component part manufacturers and suppliers, and software developers, and has up-to-date knowledge of emerging technologies and automated systems issues. Our strategy is to use unique, proactive mitigation strategies to minimize risk and costs as your business grows.

Design, Testing, and Compliance

  • Advise on selection of and compliance with industry standards, including CSA, UL, ANSI/ROHVA, and NHTSA
  • Identify potential safety-related issues and risks related to product lines
  • Develop internal processes and reporting structure for tracking safety-related issues
  • Advise on state-specific requirements for testing and operation, and safe harbor provisions

Software and Document Control

  • Develop software and document control systems to protect confidentiality, storage, and retrieval
  • Advise on internal and external coding and quality control measures, including functionality and security requirements
  • Advise on best practices related to software upgrades and live updates to end-users

Product Warnings and Instructions

  • Develop warning systems, including operator’s manuals and on-product warnings
  • Evaluate product warranty language, warnings, instructions for use, and product labeling

Sales and Marketing

  • Review and revise vendor agreements and advise on indemnity and insurance provisions
  • Develop point-of-sale materials
  • Evaluate product brochures, promotional materials, and website content to ensure compliance with state and federal rules and regulations

Post-Sale Management

  • Consult on product upgrade programs, bulletins and recalls
  • Develop field monitoring systems as a central source to receive and review post-sale user experience, including customer complaints, incidents, claims, and service and warranty repairs
  • Track agency hearings and emerging legislation related to autonomous vehicle issues across U.S. and international community

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