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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Our Services

Nilan Johnson Lewis (NJL) handles workplace safety and health matters for numerous employers in various industries, including manufacturing and electrical utilities. Our team offers a range of OSHA-related services, including:

  • Providing training and compliance advice related to OSHA’s recordkeeping and reporting requirements
  • Providing compliance advice related to general duty clause requirements as well as industry and hazard-specific standards
  • Providing compliance advice related to multiemployer situations
  • Handling OSHA inspections, including attendance at opening and closing conferences, managing all requests for documents, and preparing for and defending management-level and non-management-level employee interviews
  • Contesting and negotiating rescissions and/or changes to general duty and industry-specific citations
  • Litigating administrative proceedings
  • Defending against enforcement actions and OSHA retaliation claims
  • Consulting related to company-specific safety policies and programs

Examples of Our Representation

  • Persuaded OSHA not to issue citations in dozens of on-site inspections for a major unionized employer
  • Convinced OSHA to rescind multiple serious violations in a fatality case based on improper application of the multi-employer doctrine
  • Provided process hazard analysis for a multistate electrical company to ensure compliance with OSHA standards for general industry, construction, and power generation and transmission industries
  • Convinced OSHA to rescind violations related to alleged failure to provide electrical protective equipment, adequate fall protection, and proper job briefing procedures
  • Persuaded OSHA not to file citations in light of employer involvement in air quality investigation
  • Negotiated serious citations to down to non-serious citations following arc flash incidents
  • Advise clients on OSHA obligations related to numerous specialized issues, including but not limited to bloodborne pathogens, confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces, asbestos, chemical air quality issues, and fall protection

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