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Examples of Value Our Team Provides

Trial Expertise:
Our attorneys bring a wide range of trial experience:
  • NJL trial teams try cases in federal and state courts across the country.
  • Three of the firm’s attorneys have been inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers, an honor given to only 2% of the trial lawyers in the United States.
  • Four attorneys are Certified Trial Specialists.
  • All of the senior litigators are seasoned trial attorneys and the more junior attorneys and litigation paralegals are trained and given trial experience early.
  • NJL also serves as national and regional trial counsel and coordinating counsel.

Alternative Fees:

As further described below, our expertise and experience permit us to offer alternative fee arrangements that ensure that the interests of our clients and those of the firm are aligned.  Depending on the nature of the matter, we offer flat fee, contingent fee, and combinations and modifications of both, in addition to or as an alternative to hourly billing.

Established Expert Witness Relationships:

  • Network of industry experts across the U.S. and Canada
  • Relationships with experts in all relevant liability and damage fields

Efficiency in Staffing Cases:

NJL rejects a staffing philosophy of creating layers of associates and junior partners, opting instead for a lean staffing model:

  • NJL seeks out opportunities to team up with other firms where the demands of a case call for it.
  • Our firm is a member of an international network of law firms (ALFA), the members of which are available to augment NJL’s expertise and experience in other jurisdictions.
  • We have also  participated in and welcome the opportunity to be part of a “virtual law firm,” dividing responsibilities with other firms who represent the same client.
  • We effectively use the talents of our paralegals and other non-attorney professionals on our client teams.

Also, our trial expertise and experience have led to efficiencies not only in trying cases but in providing day-to-day advice and counseling to clients and in pre-trial preparation.  Our firm’s attorneys employ their substantive expertise to provide counseling on a variety of matters, always mindful of potential litigation risks.  We also conduct discovery with a mind’s eye on the effect and use of discovered information at trial.


Our litigation support team is able to create effective databases that allow our attorneys to access the information they need, where they need it, and when they need it. In many of the cases where NJL represents only one of the defendants in industry-wide litigation, the NJL-created litigation databases have become the “go to” resource for all defense counsel.  We frequently utilize and offer our clients Extranet capability in which we can securely share calendars, host pleadings, status reports and other attorney work product.

At trial, we are also skilled at using sophisticated computer-generated graphics, demonstrative evidence and other innovative visual aids to help jurors actually see — and believe — otherwise obscure scientific and technical matters.

Scientific Expertise:

Several of our lawyers practicing in this area boast college degrees and/or non-legal work experience in biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial hygiene and similar areas.  We also understand the product design and engineering concerns in bringing a product to market.  Furthermore, we know experts.  Not only have we deposed and cross-examined our opponents’ experts, we also maintain internal databases on whom we encounter so we continue to be familiar with our opposition.  On the defense side, we know the world’s best experts in many different fields including, but not limited to various medical and engineering disciplines, risk assessment and regulatory compliance.

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