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Frequently asked questions, answered

Find out more about our attitude, ego, and what generally makes us rock.

At Nilan Johnson Lewis, we promise excellence in every interaction.  Top-level service is everyone’s job and is owed to all with whom we work, including our clients, our colleagues, our opponents, and the courts.  Timeliness, total preparation, accessibility, and informative communication are all part of this shared commitment.

We begin every case, transaction, or consultation from the premise that we deliver the best solutions to your challenges by understanding your needs, business, and industry.  We view our clients and ourselves as members of a team.  That same philosophy of collaboration guides how we work with each other.  Our whole culture is built on teamwork, minimal hierarchy, and open communication.  This allows us to focus on our clients first, and always.

We created the “best of breed” law firm by attracting and retaining the best people, at all levels, by committing the resources to develop their expertise and their practices, and by demanding top-tier business practices from every member of the firm.  Quality.  It’s what allows us to deliver representation that always exceeds expectations.

We are willing to say “we are the best,” and to be measured by that standard. We accept nothing less from ourselves, and this mindset drives everything we do.  Does living with this standard give us an attitude?  Sure. You bet. Deal with it.

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