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Posted March 25th, 2020 in Top Stories, Legal Insights with Tags , , ,

COVID-19 Employment Law Q&A for Hospitality Minnesota: State and Federal Requirements Impacting Employers

NJL’s Joel O’Malley and Courtney Blanchard joined Emily Mauter of Hospitality Minnesota for a Q&A regarding labor and employment issues facing the Minnesota Hospitality Community. In a recoded session posted above, Joe and Courtney answer questions regarding employers’ response to both federal and state requirements for paid sick leave, paid FMLA leave, terminated and furloughed employees, disposition of tips, employees who test positive and more. Also, page down further to see a full listing of the content.

For more details on COVID -19 issues, please visit our COVID-19 Information Center for updates on new regulations and legislation around the country.

Full content listing:

  • 0:55—Federal Legislation: Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
  • 3:32—Paid Sick Leave under the FFCRA: what are employers required to do?
  • 4:40—FMLA expansion under the FFCRA: how is this different that the normal FMLA rights employees have?
  • 5:19—State and local sick leave ordinances: Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul Minneapolis
  • 7:25—Are employers allowed to take employees’ temperatures? What should employers take into consideration?
  • 9:37—Unemployment benefits for employees of businesses that must shut down
  • 10:30—What’s the difference between a “furlough” and “lay off”? Do they have different impact on an employee’s ability to seek unemployment?
  • 1:45—Furloughing non-exempt and exempt employees
  • 12:58—Accommodating employees who are fearful of coming to work
  • 14:14—Tip pooling in these strange times
  • 18:03—From an employment standpoint, what should you do if an employee reports to work ill or with symptoms? When can an employee return to work if they had been feeling sick?
  • 20:45—Are there any changes to any of this employment-related information if your business is a hotel, resort or campground?

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