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Posted January 22nd, 2018 in Top Stories, Legal Insights

Maryland Embraces Paid Sick Leave, Employers Have Less Than a Month to Comply

Citing a lack of federal movement on labor and employment issues, many states and localities are passing laws that impact issues such as minimum wage, paid sick leave and predictive scheduling. On January 18, 2018, Maryland became the ninth state to require private employers to provide paid sick and safe leave for employees when the Maryland General Assembly voted to override the governor’s 2017 veto of the Health Working Families Act. The new law requires, with some exceptions, that employers with more than 15 employees provide paid sick leave to all employees over the age of 18 (at the beginning of the calendar year) who regularly work more than 12 hours per week. Labor and employment attorney at Nilan Johnson Lewis, Courtney Blanchard, has been tracking the development of these patchwork employment laws across the country. “Complying with new laws, such as this one in Maryland, can become especially tricky for multistate employers,” says Blanchard. “The patchwork laws mean that employers and their attorneys can no longer rely on the federal laws, but need to understand city, county and state requirements.” She advises employers in the area to develop a compliant sick leave policy and prepare an acknowledgment for employees to sign before the law takes effect February 11. To speak with Courtney Blanchard about creating compliant sick leave policies across the country, contact her at or 612.305.7732.

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