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Posted May 27th, 2022 in Top Stories with Tags

NJL’s Response to Uvalde

We at Nilan Johnson Lewis are heartbroken and outraged, both by the senseless massacres in Uvalde and Buffalo and by the too-slow racial reckoning ignited by George Floyd’s murder two years ago, the ramifications of which we still feel today. Nurturing and protecting all children should be a core national value, and we cannot continue to respond to unimaginable losses with thoughts and prayers only. Every one of us must demand that our electorate responds with programs to prevent the murder of our children and community members by state actors and armed individuals.

We must refuse to accept that we are powerless to change the status quo.

We have a responsibility to learn from past tragedy and community trauma to effectively advocate for change.

We cannot let the magnitude of the problem daunt us from action. Anger, despair, and hopelessness will not win.

Nilan Johnson Lewis maintains a commitment to use our voice and do the necessary work to push for laws that protect all, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Signed, the professionals at NJL

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