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Where Society’s Reckoning with Gender Pay Gaps Leaves Today’s Employers

U.S. Census Bureau data indicates that in 1960, a woman made 60 cents to every dollar made by a man. Fifty-six years later, things haven’t changed much. The median male between the ages of 25 and 54 earns $41,000 whereas the median female in that same age span makes $25,000 – 39 percent less. But this may be about to change. The past 12 months have become a tipping point for pay equity. Whether the focus on workplace equality stems from recent legislative changes, new lawsuits or #MeToo/#TimesUp, corporate America has begun to make gender pay equity a top priority. Joe Schmitt, labor and employment lawyer with Nilan Jonson Lewis who advises and represents employers in these matters, observes a significant uptick in lawsuits involving pay disparities, including more national class-action cases. “Businesses are more prone to encounter a pay disparity lawsuit than ever before, and such claims are costly – in money and in brand impact – to defend,” said Schmitt. “It is more important than ever to address pay equity issues proactively and to minimize potential liability in this area.” To speak with Joe Schmitt about pay equity issues, contact him at or 612.305.7577.

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