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Posted February 8th, 2016 in Top Stories

Minnesota Business Magazine Highlights NJL’s Majority Female Board

Nilan Johnson Lewis Shareholder Sheila Kerwin discussed and shared the firm’s view on the importance of supporting female attorneys with Minnesota Business Magazine, as the firm recently announced that two female attorneys were elected to its board of directors, making it 60% majority female. The story, “More women on board,” appeared online on February 8, 2016.

“For our firm it was really critical to have more women on the board in order to have women have a bigger role in making strategic decisions and also engage in every aspect of firm governance and compensation decisions,” Kerwin said.

The firm has been recognized in the past for its female representation. In 2015, it was recognized in Law360 for two awards as one of the top law firms for female attorneys and female partners, and was named as one of the Best Law Firms for Women by NAFE Magazine in 2011. Overall, the firm’s numbers are almost double the national averages for female lawyers and female associates.

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