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Posted May 29th, 2020 in Top Stories

NJL Stands with Community for Equity and Justice

As advocates and citizens, we at Nilan Johnson Lewis are deeply ashamed and saddened by the events that unfolded in Minneapolis. The death of George Floyd at the hands of those designated to protect our city is simultaneously appalling and reflective of the racial inequities that still exist in our community. As a firm, we stand against these injustices and reaffirm our commitment to eradicating them. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Floyd’s family and all others who have been affected by this tragedy.

We also acknowledge the collective trauma, anger, and desire for reform that have provoked protests in response to this week’s incidents. In some cases, these protests have incited looting and burning, actions that have bred additional fear and pain throughout the Twin Cities. We certainly do not condone lawlessness, and we are especially upset to see the damage inflicted on the communities that are most aggrieved. However, we also understand that—in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—“a riot is the language of the unheard,” and that such violence is often sparked by trauma and rooted in centuries of systemic racism and abuse.

We cannot, and will not, be casual observers to the injustice motivating this week’s events and plaguing the wellbeing of our community. Everyone has the right to feel safe and protected in the city they call home.

We encourage our employees and our community to take a proactive stand against all forms of racial injustice. We remain committed to promoting equity and justice within our organization and our communities. Together, as we begin to heal and learn let us also work to effect change.

—Originally posted May 29, 2020

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