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Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, and Other Health Care Products

We represent numerous manufacturers of FDA-regulated pharmaceuticals, medical devices, vaccines and over-the-counter products in individual and consolidated product liability actions for personal injury, medical monitoring and consumer fraud. Some of the highlights of our work in this area include:

  • Bellwether trial counsel in 2008 and 2010 for the manufacturers of Mirapex (MDL 1836) and Levaquin (MDL 1943) in consolidated multidistrict litigation proceedings;
  • Creation of a precedent-setting federal preemption defense for manufacturers of veterinary biologics, eliminating most tort liability;
  • MDL counsel in several multidistrict actions venued in Minnesota, including Levaquin (MDL 1943), Mirapex (MDL 1836), Baycol (MDL 1431) and Silzone (MDL 1396);
  • Regional and local counsel for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in numerous mass tort cases, involving such products as fen-phen, PPA, HRT, Vioxx, Fosamax, Ortho-Evra, Paxil, heart valves, implantable cardiac devices, artificial joints and many others. Many of these cases involve preemption, class action and other complex litigation issues.

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