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Food Fight: Restaurants in the Thick of Today’s Toughest Labor and Employment Challenges

Restaurant success used to be all about a winning menu, appealing décor and strong word of mouth. Nowadays, success also has a lot to do with compliance of labor and employment matters, as restaurants frequently find themselves at the center of thorny HR disputes. “Wage setting and grievances, termination issues, predictive scheduling, sick time provisions, […] More >

Diversity Jurisdiction Involving an LLC: Everything You Need to Know [VIDEO]

Watch this two-minute video tip from Nilan Johnson Lewis litigator, Brandie Morgenroth, who discusses pointers when removing a case to federal court based on diversity jurisdiction when an LLC is involved. The citizenship of each LLC member is material for diversity jurisdiction and that information is often not publicly available. Morgenroth discusses steps you can take to find the information as well as demonstrating your due diligence to the court in your removal papers. More >

10 Questions Personal Transportation Manufacturers Should Answer Before Selling a New or Redesigned Product

Companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation fees by taking proactive steps that put them in the best position possible to avoid potential legal claims and defend those that occur. From warnings to advertising content to solid contractual terms, what is a relatively small investment upfront can result in a very high level of protection down the road. It is an extremely smart business strategy to ask legal counsel with expertise in product liability risk management to provide input at the various phases of product development and launch.  More >

Health Plans, PBMs Now on the Clock as Minnesota Enacts New Law for Drug Pricing Transparency

On May 20, 2019, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed the Minnesota Pharmacy Benefit Manager Licensure and Regulation Act into law. This law aims to increase transparency regarding how drug prices are set and affords direct oversight by the Department of Commerce. Under the new law, Commerce will have the right to audit, investigate, and take administrative action against Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) that violate the law, which could include licensure revocation or suspension as well as civil penalties. More >

Home Health Care Misclassification Lawsuits Rising

Plaintiffs’ wage-and-hour class action lawyers are constantly looking for new groups of employees whom they can claim are inappropriately classified as exempt. In previous decades, plaintiffs’ lawyers focused on mortgage adjusters, truck drivers, and assistant store managers. In 2019, plaintiffs’ lawyers are directing their attention to another group of employees: home health clinicians. More >