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Home Health Care Misclassification Lawsuits Rising

Plaintiffs’ wage-and-hour class action lawyers are constantly looking for new groups of employees whom they can claim are inappropriately classified as exempt. In previous decades, plaintiffs’ lawyers focused on mortgage adjusters, truck drivers, and assistant store managers. In 2019, plaintiffs’ lawyers are directing their attention to another group of employees: home health clinicians. More >

Tech Support Independent Contractor Class Claims Climbing

Wage-and-hour class litigation tends to come in waves. In 2019, we are seeing another wave gather on the horizon: misclassification collective actions alleging that companies have improperly classified at-the-elbow (“ATE”) support workers as contractors and thus denied them the overtime required under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and parallel state laws. More >

Liability for Allegedly Unnecessary Product Recall?

The conventional advice to manufacturers and retailers of consumer products when assessing a potential product safety issue is typically as follows: “When in doubt, report.” And while it is still generally good advice to err on the side of reporting potential product safety issues to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), companies must be cognizant of the full magnitude of a decision to initiate a voluntary product recall. A new lawsuit filed last week in New York federal court illustrates why. More >

The Bottom Line for Tip Credit Legislation

As the minimum wage discourse permeates the country and discussions about fairness and living wages make their way into state and local legislatures, a question remains for how minimum wage laws affect tipped employees. Tip credits allow employers to pay employees below the federal minimum wage, given they will make up the difference in tips. […] More >